Dr. Kingkaysone

Dr. Bonnie Kingkaysone


Dr. Bonnie Kingkaysone (Dr. K) has resided in Texas for the majority of her life and lives in the North Dallas area with her 3 cats and 2 dogs, including her Irish Wolfhound Simba. She achieved her dream of becoming a veterinarian at Ross University of Veterinary Medicine and finished her clinical year at Oklahoma State University in 2014. Her interests have always been promoting the health and wellness of all creatures whether they have fur, scales, or hooves. She is currently seeing all small companion animals, pocket pets, and is furthering her education in acupuncture and small animal exotics.  Dr. K is very proud to be working within the Little Elm community, including being the veterinarian for LE Animal Services.

“Caring for animals isn’t what I do, it’s who I am.”